Introduction and History

The 14th Regional Conference on Mathematical Physics is being organized at Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan by the Departments of Mathematics and Physics, and the National Center for Physics, from November 9 – 14, 2015 .

The series of Regional Conferences was initiated by a group of physicists from Iran and Turkey after meeting at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (now Abdus Salam-ICTP), Trieste, Italy. The first conference organized by this group of friends was held in Adana, Turkey, in 1984, and it was agreed to hold one like it again. The second was held again in Adana, in September 1987. This time a Pakistani was also present and it was decided to hold the meetings by rotation between Pakistan, Turkey and Iran, which was to be the “region”. The Third Regional Conference, held in Islamabad in November 1989 was the first to be officially called by that name. Over the years attempts were made to expand the region to encompass Georgia, Armenia and other Central Asian former Soviet republics, and one Conference each was held in Armenia and Georgia. In the east, the region was expanded to include India and Bangladesh. Throughout, the speakers at these conferences have come from all over the world.

Prof. Riazuddin organized the 12th Regional Conference in Islamabad, Pakistan with the help of Profs. Faheem Hussain, Asghar Qadir (organizers of the 3rd one) and Jamil Aslam. Some time after this Prof. Faheem Hussain died of cancer. Consequently, the next one, the 13th, which was organized by Prof. Ugur Camci in Antalya, Turkey, was dedicated to Prof. Faheem Hussain. In 2013 Prof. Riazuddin died of cancer, so the present one, the 14th is dedicated to him.

These conferences are among the largest in the region. The aim of this series of conferences is to encourage research in theoretical and mathematical physics in the region and to facilitate their international contact. From the 4th on, students and young scientists have been encouraged to participate more. In this 14th Conference of the series we hope to see yet more participation and activity from the young scientists and students in the region. To encourage more cooperation between them, all the invited participants will be expected to present talks on the subject of their research.

The subject of talks will cover a wide range of topics in theoretical and mathematical physics including conformal field theory, gravitation and cosmology, superstring theory, phenomenology of high energy physics, condensed matter physics and plasma physics. Celebrating the centenary of general relativity in 2015, we will have a particular focus on this field.

These conferences usually culminate in proceedings published by well-reputed publishers. In particular, the conferences held in Pakistan were published by World Scientific Publishing. The Proceedings of the 14th Conference will also be published with the same publishers.

A history of the previous conferences in this series is given below:

1st           1984          Adana, Turkey
2nd          1987         Adana, Turkey
3rd           1989         Islamabad, Pakistan
4th           1990         Tehran, Iran
5th           1991          Edirne, Turkey
6th           1994          Islamabad, Pakistan
7th           1995          Bandar Anzali, Iran
8th           1997          Yerevan, Armenia
9th           1999          Istanbul, Turkey
10th         2001          Tbilisi, Georgia
11th         2004          Tehran, Iran
12th         2006          Islamabad, Pakistan
13th         2010          Antalya, Turkey
Some pictures from the previous conferences can be seen on this page.

Registration Fee 

Last date for Registration: October 15, 2015
After this date the Registration Fee will be Rs 5000.

Foreign Participants:     USD 100 
Local Participants:         PKR 2500 
(Those who wish to get a waiver may write to Khalid Saifullah at: .)